Dance Studio Project. (P2)

For my second project, in second year i had to design a dance studio for school children.  The site was in an area of Liverpool called ‘The Ropewalks’.  I wanted to create a bold piece of architecture that would bring people to the area, but also link with the flow of the dancers.  The building has a clash of geometries with a rectangular basic shape and three large curved sections of roof wrapping around this rectangle.  The central area of roof is glass, to create a bright and open dnace studio.

The project was only 3 weeks long, so it is not in that much detail.

This is the ground floor plan.  The layout of the room matches the shapes of the roof above.  You can see the large outdoor space, with an outdoor performance area.

First Floor plan and section A-A, which shows the hierachy of the roof

Section B-B.  This shows the curve of the roof.  The 1st floor extends into this roof create an office that looks over the outside dance space

I made a 1:100 scale model of the building and then photoshopped in people and textures to show the buildings context and impact.

Site Strategy and model development

The site was in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool.  This is my site analysis and development of ideas, starting off with looking at the shapes of dancers for inspiration


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