Key worker housing design project

For my third project in my second year of studying architecture, i had to design a group of 22 apartments for ‘key workers’ i.e. nurses and firemen.  The main concept behind the design was to create two buildings with a central walkway/courtyard to connect the roads on either side of the buildings.  The site is located in the Ropewalks district of Liverpool.  There are a mix of flats designed for 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 people.  I wanted to create views from each of the flats so each aparment is double height with a mezzanine floor and double height windows.  The flats are essentially thin rectangles cut in half, with each end making up a flat and orientated to a particular view.  The ‘left-over’ spaces between each of the flats has been designed for the staircases and lifts.


Site strategy.  Looking at routes through the site and views from the apartments.

The ground floor consists of shops that would lead onto the main street.  Between the two buildings, i created a semi-private courtyard that acts as the main access points for each of the buildings.

The third floor of the buidling consists of the mezzanine levels of the double height apartments.  There are sections running either length of the building

This sheet shows the individual flat layouts for the 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 bed apartments,  It also shows some sketches of my sustainabilty strategy including ideas about cross ventilation and solar gain

As part of the project, its is required that we produce construction drawings to show how the project would be built.  Instead of producing a dull construction drawing, i mixed it with a one point perspective to show the interior feel of one of the flats

This sheet (A1 size) has images showing my final model of the project.  There is a 1:200 model of the whole scheme and a 1:50 model showing one of the ‘flat blocks’

These are a few alterations i made to my design after my review.


One thought on “Key worker housing design project

  1. These designs for keyworker housing look fantastic Emily. I hope you did well in the assignment. It’s really important that housing associations build houses that people actually want to live in and it looks like you’ve taken this in consideration with a functional design for the living space. Many older council houses are impractical as they box in the tenant making them undesirable for resale.

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