P6 project, bio-crematorium

For my final project of second year, i had to design a bio-crematorium.  These images show the development of my ideas from the initial site analysis to the rendered finished design.


This collage is all about the different spaces required in a biocrematorium and how i wanted these spaces to link together

This collage was the initial stage of research for me.  It allowed me to understand, as well as give a visual aid to my reviewers, of what biocremation actually is.

Project and site introduction

Site analysis

Adjacency diagram

GROUND FLOOR PLAN: This is where the cremation space is.  Members of the funeral party are drawn up a staircase upto the 1st floor so do not enter this space

1ST FLOOR PLAN: The 1st floor consists of the waiting area, toilets and the ceremony space which leads onto a balcony that overlooks a meadow

Cast-in-situ concrete.  Details of the wall and floor

This is the construction drawing for the timber and glass part of the building, with details of the floor and the glass connection


Sections and elevations

These skecthes show the route and experience through the building

CAD sheet showing the model i made in Vectorworks and rendered in Artlantis

The drawings show the movement of the different users of the builidng (the visitors, the workers, members of the funeral party and the coffin).

Simplified diagram of the development of the buildings shape


Reasons for the location of the plantroom



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