Sainsbury Centre project

For my fourth project this year, i had to research into the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, designed by Norman Foster.  As part of a group we had to try and understand the structure of the building so that we could make a replica model.  We made a 1:10 and 1:50 model showing varying levels of detail.  You can also see some research work i carried out and some plans and sections that i drew.

This presentation sheet provides background information on the Sainsbury centre and some development sketches showing my understanding of the buildings structure

This hand-drawn plan has been photoshopped to add in textures such as the trees and sky.  Before scanning the drawing into the computer i also used black spray-paint to create the ground level for the section

These orthographic drawings are done by hand.  I then scanned them in and photoshoppped in the sky and people

A1 size sheet showing two models made of Norfolks Sainsbury Centre.  There is a 1:10 model showing the connection details of the trusses and a 1:50 model showing the building as a whole


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