Brightly coloured portrait, public art 1/6

I am currently doing 6 portraits to be displayed publicly at Mckechnies cafe in Stratford Upon Avon.  The portraits are all slightly large than A1 and of all the staff members.  Each portrait is in a slightly different style but all have a similar colour range.



I used a large round brush to create the defined brush strokes in this A1 size piece.  I exaggerated the colours to make a slightly more abstract painting

I thought it would be quite interesting to take photographs of the piece developing to show how i approach a portrait.


6 thoughts on “Brightly coloured portrait, public art 1/6

  1. Hi Emily, your portraits caught my eye whilst I was researching artists for my A level art coursework. I am using colour in my work to represent emotions i.e. pride. I was wondering whether the colour range that you use in your paintings holds any meaning, and if it does, is it either representative of the subjects’ personality or is it something personal to you?
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Emily , hi .. I saw the original painting in Mackenzies cafe in Stratford yesterday and was discussing it with the staff who gave me your website details. This paniting caught my eye , although they are all excellent, the vibrant colours and facial expression of this portrait is inspirational. I did enquire about purchasing this , but it is rather large to do it justice in a normal size room.
    Keep up the excellent work , you definitely have a major talent . !!
    great work

    1. Hi John, thankyou so much! It is probably my favourite of the paintings up in the cafe too! If you ever change your mind or would like a similar painting on a smaller scale i would happily do one for you. Thanks again!

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