I am a Part 2  Architectural Assistant who has just finished studying a masters at Newcastle University. I previously studied at the University of Sheffield for my undergraduate degree, and achieved high merits from both Universities.  I have a passion for design, drawing and painting (these are mainly portraits but I also paint buildings occasionally).

This blog shows the range of my work, grouping it into the different areas that interest me.  Most of paintings are from my A Level art course, but I’ve also included some that I’ve done in my spare time and which have been exhibited in my home town of Stratford Upon Avon.

You’ll find several pages showing examples of  the work from various projects that I have completed in my three years at Sheffield at two years at Newcastle.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and feel free to comment!



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Emily, I’m a 2nd year Architecture studying at Kent State, could you help me with my design statement ? I’m not that good at English or expressing ideas…

      1. There is a Dev. post on my page but for your convenience here
        ” ­The recreation center units people of different cultures through sport. The center will allow visibility from one space to another. Also challenge them to think of sport in a new way. Visitors will be able to see almost the entire building from the point of entry. This is accomplished with voids placed strategically throughout the building.

        Running is the most basic form of exercise and swimming is a basic survival skill. Together, they make humans capable of moving on ground or in the water. Therefore the running track would be considered to be a circulatory system that connects various programmatic elements such as fitness areas located throughout the building. The system of challenges would motivate the runner (lose weight). This is done by having the visitor constantly exploring areas of the recreation center while engaged in military like course while running. In addition, the sports center is going to strive and accommodate multiple sport from different cultures by having flexible spaces also locating throughout the Rec center.

        The pool transitions from an informal to formal way of swimming. These elements then separate the pool to become different spaces. The informal, is a more public element, which is connected to the lobby and cafe. The formal, is more private, where people can go and train without disruption from other activities.

        How would we separate working space while minimizing disruptions?
        The space for specific activities (such as yoga, dance, and martial Arts) are located at different points throughout the building. visibility of space will be adjusted by use flexible screen and sound barrier wall. ”

        I am stuck on how to bring the pool in the same importance as the running component. But I don’t really know how, the main thing for the pool that i want to do is make it separate
        so the people that actually wants to practice swimming would not be disturbed…

  2. Emily, thank you so much for your visit and your ‘follow’. I am honored and delighted. Your portrait art work is amazing, your style is unique, and You are a very talented artist! Best wishes. Yelena

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